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You have taken the first step to considering change

Personal Approach – Counselling Service

I use some elements of theoretical approaches in my work including Psychodynamic, Person-Centred, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) and Mindfulness. These theoretical names are probably not that important to you at this stage, however, you may find it helpful to know a little more about them. This link to the BACP website provides brief descriptions:


My focus will be on developing a therapeutic relationship with you, in the hope that this will facilitate the process of enquiry into your particular difficulties.

During the initial session, you may wish to outline the reasons for seeking therapeutic help.

Online Counsellor - London, Jane Charles - Skype Counselling
Counselling Online - London, Jane Charles - Skype Counsellors
Online Counselling - London, Jane Charles - Skype Counsellor

Can Personal Counselling Help?

You may find it helpful to carefully consider why you wish to undertake therapy at this time:

Has something triggered the wish to talk to a therapist about your issues?
Is this a long-term difficulty which you have been avoiding dealing with?
Is it having a detrimental effect on your day-to-day life?
Are the difficulties affecting those around you? Your work and colleagues?
Some clients consider whether they may find it helpful to have a fixed number of sessions or long-term work. In the case of long-term, this is open-ended and refers to therapy continuing for as long as you consider it useful and helping you to achieve your goals.

There is no guaranteed outcome to therapy. Evidence shows that all forms of therapy works at some level for most people. It really depends on the relationship and rapport established with your therapist and to some extent, how far you are able to progress with an examination of your inner world.

The first session will be spent as an assessment of your issues. I will request you to complete a personal details form, if you have not completed one prior to the session. I will outline the terms of the contract between ourselves and provide this to you in writing. All sessions that you hold with me will be confidential, however, for record-keeping purposes I maintain basic notes, which are held electronically and I also undertake supervision of my therapeutic work with clients.

The first session is an opportunity for both of us to decide whether there is a good fit of counsellor/client between us and whether I can help with your particular issue. If I’m unable to do so, I can if you wish, refer you to another counsellor colleague.

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