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Counselling & Psychotherapy

You have taken the first step to considering change

What is Counselling – Brief Definition

Here is a video of a First Counselling Session, which you may find helpful.

Counselling is what takes place through the development of a relationship over a period of time, where trust and openness can be developed. The counselling relationship will become the ‘facilitator’ for helping you to reach new understandings and growth.

Through my personal experience of therapy, I have learnt that creating this opportunity to examine your inner world within a safe and supportive space is one of the most valuable gifts that you may give to yourself and consequently may also benefit those close to you also.

How can Counselling help me?

You may be hesitating in taking the first step or not sure what to expect, but Counselling is a non-threatening, facilitative process of self-discovery and as your Counsellor I will be taking care to put you at ease with the aim of creating a safe space for whatever you wish to bring for exploration.

Talking Therapy have been found to be helpful to those experiencing many challenges in life including anxiety, depression, family and couple relationships, bereavement and loss, coping with changes such as unemployment, retirement, redundancy and many other life changes. Therapy is also helpful in alleviating experiences of trauma and helps with developing coping mechanisms with the symptoms of those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other similar experiences.

What are the benefits of Counseling?

Therapy can bring a number of benefits including feelings of well-being; discovering a sense of being released and energised; perhaps the ability to tackle previous obstacles in life. One of the most valuable benefits could be a new depth of self-knowledge and discovery of untapped inner resources.

The progress of therapy, however, can be uncertain and may lead to experiencing unwanted thoughts and feelings. As your Counsellor, I would aim to support you through this voyage of discovery and challenges, with the view to reaching a place where you are able to use the coping strategies discovered during our sessions.

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